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What is the Scotch font?

Clean, crisp, rational, familiar, modern… serifed. Positype Scotch reaches back to history just enough to produce something warm and easy on the eyes. No corners were cut, no quick tricks… this type suite was drawn for specificity: Text, Display, and Deck… ALL in 3 widths that now include Condensed and Compressed. Each unique, each inter-connected, each part of the whole.
Scotch Text is offered in 6 weights with matching true italics. Drawn for economy and an easy read, the family is a workhorse for long-passage text settings. 4 sets of numerals, well-proportioned small caps, and a plethora of extras round out each font. More…
Scotch Display is not just a thinner version of Scotch Text wrapped in a higher contrast. Display sports shorter ascenders and descenders, a unique footprint, great contrast, and a more folded, calligraphic italics. Display subtly oozes sophistication and provides an attractive, exhuberant companion to Scotch Text.
Scotch Deck rounds out the offering by choosing to be specific to its offering. Deck utlitizes traits and proportions shared between Text and Display, but alters its overall mass to balance out the needs for settings that require subheadlines, callouts and other similar uses. Essentially, something not so high-contrast and not so stress dense that works great for middle-sizes.

Scotch Font families

The Scotch includes the following font families:

  • Scotch Text Light
  • Scotch Text Light Italic
  • Scotch Text Roman
  • Scotch Text Italic
  • Scotch Text Medium
  • Scotch Text Medium Italic
  • Scotch Text Semi Bold
  • Scotch Text Semi Bold Italic
  • Scotch Text Bold
  • Scotch Text Bold Italic
  • Scotch Text Black
  • Scotch Text Black Italic
  • Scotch Display Light
  • Scotch Display Light Italic
  • Scotch Display Roman
  • Scotch Display Italic
  • Scotch Display Medium
  • Scotch Display Medium Italic
  • Scotch Display Semi Bold
  • Scotch Display Semi Bold Italic
  • Scotch Display Bold
  • Scotch Display Bold Italic
  • Scotch Display Fat
  • Scotch Display Fat Italic
  • Scotch Deck Light
  • Scotch Deck Roman
  • Scotch Deck Medium
  • Scotch Deck Semi Bold
  • Scotch Deck Bold
  • Scotch Deck Extra Bold
  • Scotch Dingbats
  • Scotch Text Compressed Light
  • Scotch Text Compressed Light Italic
  • Scotch Text Compressed Roman
  • Scotch Text Compressed Italic
  • Scotch Text Compressed Medium
  • Scotch Text Compressed Medium Italic
  • Scotch Text Compressed Semi Bold
  • Scotch Text Compressed Semi Bold Italic
  • Scotch Text Compressed Bold
  • Scotch Text Compressed Bold Italic
  • Scotch Text Compressed Black
  • Scotch Text Compressed Black Italic
  • Scotch Display Compressed Light
  • Scotch Display Compressed Light Italic
  • Scotch Display Compressed Roman
  • Scotch Display Compressed Italic
  • Scotch Display Compressed Semi Bold
  • Scotch Display Compressed Semi Bold Italic
  • Scotch Display Compressed Medium
  • Scotch Display Compressed Medium Italic
  • Scotch Display Compressed Bold
  • Scotch Display Compressed Bold Italic
  • Scotch Display Compressed Fat
  • Scotch Display Compressed Fat Italic
  • Scotch Deck Compressed Light
  • Scotch Deck Compressed Roman
  • Scotch Deck Compressed Medium
  • Scotch Deck Compressed Semi Bold
  • Scotch Deck Compressed Extra Bold
  • Scotch Deck Compressed Bold
  • Scotch Text Condensed Light
  • Scotch Text Condensed Light Italic
  • Scotch Text Condensed Roman
  • Scotch Text Condensed Italic
  • Scotch Text Condensed Medium
  • Scotch Text Condensed Medium Italic
  • Scotch Text Condensed Semi Bold
  • Scotch Text Condensed Semi Bold Italic
  • Scotch Text Condensed Bold
  • Scotch Text Condensed Bold Italic
  • Scotch Text Condensed Black
  • Scotch Text Condensed Black Italic
  • Scotch Display Condensed Light
  • Scotch Display Condensed Light Italic
  • Scotch Display Condensed Roman
  • Scotch Display Condensed Italic
  • Scotch Display Condensed Medium
  • Scotch Display Condensed Medium Italic
  • Scotch Display Condensed Semi Bold
  • Scotch Display Condensed Semi Bold Italic
  • Scotch Display Condensed Bold
  • Scotch Display Condensed Bold Italic
  • Scotch Display Condensed Fat
  • Scotch Display Condensed Fat Italic
  • Scotch Deck Condensed Light
  • Scotch Deck Condensed Roman
  • Scotch Deck Condensed Medium
  • Scotch Deck Condensed Semi Bold
  • Scotch Deck Condensed Bold
  • Scotch Deck Condensed Extra Bold

Scotch Preview

Here is a preview of how Scotch will look. For more previews using your own text as an example, click here.

Is Scotch Free to Download?

No. This is a premium font that you can download from Please don't waste your time looking for a free download of Scotch as you just won't find it.

It's highly unlikely that this font can be found for free on the web. If you do, then potentially you'll risk getting viruses on your computer. One thing to remember is that it's illegal to use this font if you didn't pay for it!

Do the right thing. If you want Scotch then click here to visit the download and purchase page on MyFonts to get it with the proper license. The designer and publisher deserves to be paid for their hard work. :)